One Show Fraud

The BBC One Show Fraud – 6th May 2015

The BBC One show sent a film crew, on the orders of the MHRA, out to Guernsey to make a deliberately fraudulent film to discredit GcMAF.

In email they pretended to want to publish the truth about GcMAF, the body’s way of curing cancer. Its a human protein and a human right, and cures 77% of people with terminal stage 4 cancer. They filmed the CEO of Immuno Biotech Ltd for two hours, 30 people who had been cured for 3 hours, then edited the tape down to five minutes and made it say the exact opposite of the original footage. None of the 30 people were broadcast.

“Dr” Saleyha Ahsan was determined to dishonestly destroy GcMAF. She didn’t even know chemotherapy was a poison.

Immuno Biotech got lawyers, and local supporters, to request a copy of the original tape. The BBC blocked them at every turn. The idea was to show a court the original and the final, and do the BBC for fraudulent misrepresentation. 02920 322 683 organised the scam. Mr. Tregear finally blocked release, Kirsty Clarke too.

It would seem the BBC’s aim is to conspire with the MHRA and Cancer Research UK, and conceal the truth about GcMAF from the public. GcMAF can save 110,000 of the 160,000 people who die of cancer every year, at one percent the cost of chemo, with no side effects.

That makes the BBC and “Dr” Saleyha Ahsan an accessory to 120,000 deaths every year.

– it starts at minute 16.

Thanks to Judge Loraine-Smith, we now have the orginal 2 hour video, unedited. Its 1.2 GB, we’re having difficulty uploading it.

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