BBC kills 120,000

The BBC is continuing to ensure 120,000 people die unnenecessarily of cancer each year. They have teamed up with big pharma: The MHRA and Cancer Research UK, both of whom have big pharma directors on the board, to vilify GcMAF, a safe natural human protein, found in 5 billion of us, that is the body’s way of curing cancer.

Administered externally, it saves the lives of 75% of terminal stage 4 cancer patients without side effects. It works for all tumour cancers, which is 90% of them.

In the laboratory it also works superbly for multiple myleoma and leukemia, but Immuno Biotech was closed down by the MHRA before their scientists could find out why it didn’t work so well in the human body for these two diseases. There has never been a GcMAF related death.

The MHRA, which has licensed more than a dozen drugs that kill, (just opioids, Avandia and Vioxx killed 450,000) is determined GcMAF will never be a threat to the multi billion profits of the poison of chemotherpay. So why is the BBC so oviously on the side of corruption and death?

The BBC has been lying about GcMAF since 2015. This is their lastest article:

Why is it using its licences fee, £4 billion of taxpayers cash, to kill taxpayers? The BBC is just one of many utterly corrupt bodies in Britain. It should be abolished.

See Youtube: Search Ian R crane David Noakes and Lyn Thyer for the truth. Our website is

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